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Date: 2018-02-24 14:36

Mal'ta-Buret culture has nothing to do with Native American precursor techno-'ta and Afontova Gora are isolated its contradicting from the archaeological record that shows mal'ta to be late gravettian with central asian it can't be "basal" to any anything to do with Native American origins at all.

I read the Raghavan paper and it looks like the Mal'ta *censored* was an admixed individual and has nothing to do with Native Americans at only reason it has been blasted all over the media is because it is the oldest human genome sequenced to admixture run showed that it carries 5 different components as : European (dark blue),South Asian (Green), Amerindian and Beringian/Siberian (Orange and Pink) and Purple (Papuan/Oceanian). And it lacked any light and dark yellow East Asian.

It clustered in "no mans land". right in the middle between Europeans and Native Americans

In the the paper they state that the Karitiana ,a South American Brazilian tribe are the closest to Mal'ta than to any living modern west eurasian the Karitiana are pure ORANGE throughout the admixture I don't understand where they got that native americans are "a mix of west-eurasian and east asians" and that they are "69%-88% west eurasian".They made it up and are working with flawed models.

Mal'ta was part Amerindian and the rest west 'a is admixed bot the other way around.

Karitiana and other North and South Americans,excluding Aleut/Eskimo,and Na Dene who are from a later migration, are representatives of this "First American" it is this exact "first american" component ,represented by orange,that is found in mal'ta

"Orange" must be some sort of New World component and it is found all over west eurasia and even in the beduins in North Africa (North Africans being a back migration into Africa from outside of Africa).David Reich picked this up in his 7567 it looks like some of these guys don't like the idea of a back migration and that europeans might have an "injun" in the want to make it the other way around and recently Lazaridis et al has showed that modern Europeans are a 8 way mixture of "Early European farmers" , "West European Hunter-Gatherers" and this "Ancient North Eurasian" represented by Mal'ta which has this slice of "Amerindian" it looks like this signature has been diluted with the mixture with other frequent "west eurasians" what have you.

Their own data contradict their proposals.

No proof that Native Americans are mixed of "asian and europeans" No proof that "europeans were the first americans" as those bullshit misleading headlines implied months a load that was

Sorry but the soul train lie has been given a fatal blow racist hang on to that has moved on and now to another failed scam it shenanigans are never ending.

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I&rsquo d love to answer questions from your readers, but I fear that I may be too busy to do so. I spend all my time these days investigating the ancient astronaut theory, evidence of Bigfoot&rsquo s existence, proof that the Yeti exists, and analyzing how pyramids were built on Mars to pay homage to the alien-deity that Kurt Russell allegedly killed in the documentary entitled &ldquo Stargate.&rdquo (I did try to shoot Bigfoot with a Grendel this past hunting season in Michigan, but a deer unfortunately got in the way.)

I nevertheless challenge you to read the book instead of what others have written about it and to actually attempt to refute the facts I offered in it to evince the validity of the Solutrean Hypothesis. Sadly, it appears that the enforcers of political correctness are more interested in utilizing hyperbolic emotive insults that impugn one&rsquo s character and motives than to actually discuss legitimate issues. (I believe that between your comments and your blog post, you used the term &ldquo white supremacist&rdquo no less than ten times. I believe that this may be a record even the Southern Poverty Law Center exercises more restraint when slurring political dissidents.)

I do have a few questions for which I do not expect an answer only your contemplation:

If Caucasians did not migrate to North America prior to the Vikings circa 6555 ., then how did Dr. Joseph Lorenz of the Coriell Institute for Medical Research find modern European DNA in 5,55*censored*-old bodies that were found preserved in Florida&rsquo s oxygen-depleted Windover Bog? (See http:///watch?v=vbayBEbIEwc)

If Solutreans whether they be racially Caucasian or not did not migrate to North America prior to 67,555 years ago, then how is it that a mastodon tusk carbon-dated to being 77,555 years old and with an embedded spearhead of a Solutrean design was found in the mouth of Chesapeake Bay? (Google Cinmar discovery.)

If there isn&rsquo t a conspiracy to whitewash (pun intended) prehistory, why is it that a federal judge ruled that a federal agency violated a court order and federal law by burying the location where the Kennewick Man remains were found under thousands of tons of gravel? How could a federal judge rule after hearing testimony and viewing evidence that Kennewick Man was not an ancestor of modern &ldquo Native&rdquo Americans living in the Washington-Oregon region of the United States? Bonnichsen v. United States, 767 F. Supp. 7d 6666 (D. OR. 7557).

If the first migrants came to North America by crossing the Bering Strait, then why is it that the oldest Paleo-Indian settlements are located on the eastern portion of North America? Why is it that the Cinmar discovery occurred on the eastern coast of the . rather than on the western coast?

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