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After Leo got them a Mercedes they went south stopping only when they were pulled over by a police officer. When dawn was approaching he asked the Arrow of Dodona for directions. It told him to drive west until they found the emperor's sign and to find the two rivers and defeat the beasts that cannot be killed. They arrive and sit their car to find the unkillable guardians, Yales , which are an endangered species and they will be cursed if they kill them. After he and Meg are chased up a tree the daughter of Demeter encases the beasts in grass bindings before they find and make a break for the cave's entrance. He drinks a handful from the two streams at once, causing his mind to go somewhat blank and *censored*like before Meg tackled him down the entrance. After falling into water he forgets who he is. Apollo sees a vision of Leto and Zeus in Florida, the former begging the latter to make him immortal again. He the sees the goddess Styx , who swears vengeance on the god for breaking his oath about not using instruments or a bow. Meg then snaps him back to reality and they head deeper into the cave. He asks Meg for honey cakes to appease the snakes, which she had no idea about. They reached the location where they would receive the prophecy, an island in the middle of a snake infested lake. As he went into the water Meg demanded that he sing to detract the snakes, when that failed she sang her self, showing her memories of the father and his murder. He reaches the island in the heart of the lake and begs Meg to stop. The oracle appears and berates his father for failing to save his brother. Apollo apologizes and offers himself in Megs place, as she involuntarily invoked Trophonius. He agrees if Apollo grants him a wish, but then claims the daughter of Demeter anyway. Apollo tries frantically to help Meg to no success. Apollo begs his son for assistance but he does nothing, so he performs *censored*r on Meg to ease the girl's suffering. He takes on her negative emotions and memories, as well as parts of a prophecy. He finishes, but Trophiounus says she may be permanently insane. He then requests Apollo destroy his cave and warns him that Commodus's forces will be waiting for him with his explosives, he agrees. After surfacing, he sees Nanette and two other blemmyae. He notices they have trouble arming the bomb and theorized that they are colorblind. They notice him and an unconscious Meg and are about to kill them until he requests he pull them assure politely. He makes a plan to trick them into destroying the oracle and themselves with the explosive device while and Meg escape. Nanette volunteers to go while the other two will kill the both of them if anything happens to the female blemmyae. After Nanette was killed in the explosion, he told the other two to wait and look away while he kicked one of the blemmyae into the water only for him to be crushed by a rock. The other blemmyae took hold of him and broke his arm. Just the, Peaches and two other Karpoi assaulted and killed the last blemmyae before checking if Meg was okay. Apollo told him they had to get her to Indianapolis fast before passing out.

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Chiron then holds a meeting to decide who will go on the quest. Zoë originally wanted to take all Hunters, but she is convinced to allow a few campers as it was in the prophecy. Zoë, however, doesn't pick Percy because he is a boy, as Zoe thinks it's horrible to be with a boy, instead of picking Thalia and Grover , as well as her own Hunters, Bianca di Angelo and Phoebe. Percy was mad that he was not allowed to take part in the quest since it was his chance to save Annabeth. That night, he is awoken by Blackjack , a pegasus who tells him a sea creature is in trouble. He swims out and finds the sea cow trapped in a net and frees it slowly because it was scared of his sword , forcing him to free it by hand. On his way back to camp, he sees Nico spying on the Artemis' Cabin and uses Annabeth's cap to follow him. Percy overheard Zoe telling Bianca that Phoebe had been poisoned by centaur blood on a shirt that Connor and Travis Stoll had given her earlier so she couldn't go. Revealing himself to Nico, he is forced to promise Nico that he will watch out for his sister after Nico correctly guesses that Percy will follow the group on their quest. Nico leaves and Percy had just enough time to turn invisible before the Hunters leave the cabin, with Zoë almost bumping into Percy on her way out. As they leave, Percy followed them from above on his pegasi , Blackjack. They followed the car that the four traveled in and stops hours later when the group arrives at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, .  Percy then spots Dr. Thorn, the manticore, and overhears him saying that Annabeth is alive and that his dreams were true. He follows the manticore when it doesn't follow the group into the museum. He soon finds the General (Atlas) and Luke and sees the General creating several Spartus that he was going to use to kill and Bianca. However, the Spartus got hold of parts of Percy's sleeve instead of the General's piece of cloth with the Hunters' scent on it, resulting in them hunting him instead. Percy quickly escapes using Annabeth's Yankee cap to find the others. Zoë in particular, was surprised and angry when they realize that he had followed them and they were soon attacked by a Nemean Lion with the Spartus close behind. After finding the lion's weakness, Percy helps defeat it by filling the monster's mouth with astronaut food he found in the gift shop. This made the monster expose his mouth long enough for Zoë to finish it off with an lion left behind a Spoil of War , its pelt , which Zoë gave to Percy as he had come up with the plan even though she dealt the finishing arrow. She also allowed him to join the quest after realizing that he is the fifth quest member, despite the fact that the Spartus, now disguised as gray security men thanks to the Mist , are tracking him. They fled Washington and made it to a train line , where they jumped into a rail car with a homeless man who offered them his fire. Though at first oblivious to the identity of the homeless land, a very bad haiku reveals him to be Apollo. He asked Percy to save his sister by looking for Nereus , the Old Man of the Sea, as he could tell them where to find Artemis. Later that night, Percy has a dream where, unbeknownst to him, he is Hercules , and is being handed Anaklusmos by a girl who later realizes is Zoë. Apollo takes them as far west as far as he could, to the last stop in a small town in New Mexico. Despite there being no real way out of the town, they tried to think of ways to leave including renting a cab. However, the Skeleton Warriors managed to find them again and attacked with handguns while Grover passes out as Pan 's presence overcomes him. As they tried to defend themselves against the undead soldiers, who would reform when killed, Grover senses Pan's presence again, along with a gift from the wild - the Erymanthian Boar. However, because it is wild it attacks everyone, not only defeating the skeleton warriors and Thalia and Percy lead it into the woods. They are cornered at a cliff and he tells Thalia to jump at the last second. Thalia, however, is scared of heights, which Percy quickly figured out and pushed her out of the way causing the boar to crash into the snow.

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